Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions of the Event
„Jobfair for refugees and migrants“
09th March 2020
1. Organizer
K.M.C.-Kommunikations- und
Medien-Center GmbH
Sonnenallee 225
12057 Berlin
2. Venue
Estrel Congress Center
Sonnenallee 225

12057 Berlin

3. Arrival and Departure
Estrel Congress Center (ECC)
- Parking Facilities: basement garage for vehicles with a maximum height of 1.80 m (Day Ticket € 18 incl. )
- Deliveries via "ECC Warenannahme"
4. Dates of the Event, Opening Times, Assembly Times and Dismantling Times
Opening Hours for Visitors:
09.03.2020: 10.00 a.m. until 04.00 p.m.
Opening Hours for Exhibitors:
09.03.2020: 9.00 a.m. until 04.30 p.m.
Assembly Times:
09.03.2020: 6.00 a.m. until 09.00 a.m.
Dismantling Times:
09.03.2020: 04.30 p.m. until 09.00 p.m.
5. Application and Application Deadline
(1) The application form must be filled out, a legally binding signature (including company stamp) must be attached and the form must then be sent to the organizer. The exhibitor is liable for errors made in filling out the form. Application forms sent subject to conditions or reservations will not be considered.
(2) With the application the exhibitor consents to the collection, processing and use of its data for trade-fair purposes and, where necessary for the processing of order data, that this data may be passed on to a third party. The exhibitor furthermore declares its consent to use of its data for advertising and PR work for the event.
(4) Application deadline: 15.12.2020
6. Display Area (Nomenclature)
Companies and Organizations belonging to the following nomenclature are admitted as potential exhibitors:
- Consulting, Associations & Non-Profit-Organizations
- Education & Research
- Construction & Trade Industry, Unskilled Jobs, Personnel Service Agencies, Technology
- Hospitality, Tourism, Events
- Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Affairs
- Retail Trade, Logistics, Traffic, Sales
- IT, Media, Telecommunication
Employers from other industries could additionally be admitted by confirmation of the organizer
7. Acceptance
(1) Only companies, associations and institutions to which the §6 nomenclature applies can be accepted as exhibitors at the trade fair. The organizer can, at its own discretion, exclude exhibitors or co-exhibitors from participation in the trade fair.
(2) The contract comes into effect with the acceptance of the application and the related sending of confirmation of participation. There is no legal entitlement to registration.
(3) The organizer is entitled to withdraw from the contract and to demand compensation in accordance with point 10, if it becomes clear that the prerequisites for acceptance were not present at the time of application, or subsequently ceased to apply, or that the exhibitor knowingly gave false details at the time of application.
8. Participation Prices
The prices for participation as an exhibitor are indicated on the application form.
9. Payment Deadlines and Conditions
(1) Invoices for stand rent and for other performance or deliveries are due for payment upon receipt of the invoice. Invoices will be sent out 3 weeks before the before the commencement of the event at the latest. All claims of the organizer must be settled before commencement of assembly work. The rented stand areas are made available solely on the basis of prepayment.
(2) Incidental expenses incurred on site or additional services booked must be paid directly on site or guaranteed by means of credit card.
(3) For additional performance and deliveries the standard terms of business of K.M.C. Kommunikations- und Medien-Center GmbH apply.
10. Withdrawal and Termination
(1) Cancellation of the registration is possible until the time of acceptance.
(2) If, after acceptance, the exhibitor cancels its participation in the trade fair or fails to take part in the event, the stand rents and any costs incurred for performance rendered at the instigation of the exhibitor must be paid in full. The right to termination for good cause, in accordance with section § 543 of BGB [German Civil Code], remains unaffected by this.
(3) The organizer is entitled to terminate the contract without notice for good cause. Good cause exists in particular if
(a) court settlement or insolvency proceedings against the assets of the exhibitor have been applied for, or the exhibitor's business is in the process of liquidation.
(b) the exhibitor has defaulted on the payment of claims of the organizer or is in default on past claims of the ECC.
(c) the exhibitor seriously violates the rights of the organizer or of the ECC in that it greatly endangers persons or property by neglect of obligatory care or by unauthorized handing-over of the stand area to a third party.
In cases of termination by the organizer for good cause for which the exhibitor is answerable, claims of the exhibitor to compensation are excluded.
11. Placement
Placement is made by the organizer taking the nomenclature, the concept of the event and the premises available into consideration. An exchange of places with other exhibitors is not possible without the written approval of the organizer. Furthermore, within the planning period changes in the location of the remaining stands can occur at any time. This gives the exhibitor no rights or claims whatsoever, and in particular no right of withdrawal.
12. Co-Exhibitors
(1) The participation of co-exhibitors is only possible after prior written application and acceptance by the organizer. If more exhibitors appear together (joint stand), these must name an authorized representative. Those providing authorization are liable for errors of the representative, as though the errors were their own.
(2) The exhibitor is not entitled, without the written approval of the organizer, to sublet the stand allocated to it to a third party, or to assign it, or to advertise for third parties.
13. Exhibitor IDs
Access to the area of the event is only possible with appropriate authorization or exhibitor IDs. Each exhibitor is given an exhibitor ID corresponding to the details in the application form. Additional exhibitor IDs can be ordered at a price of 20,00 euros each plus VAT (cf. Service Brochure).
14. Product and Sales Regulations
(1) The organizer can demand the removal of products not referred to in the application, or that are regarded as pestering or endangering. If the demand is not complied with, the organizer will remove the said products at the cost of the exhibitor.
(2) Each exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that copyright and other industrial property rights to products/services or trademarks are not violated.
(3) The exhibitor gives explicit assurance that the products/items displayed and the associated advertising measures employed during period of the trade fair are, in their content and the nature of the presentation,
- not in violation of the principle of political and religious neutrality
- not in violation of customs and decency
- not damaging to the organizer's reputation.

This applies particularly though not only to content that, in the sense of sections § 130, § 130a and § 131 of StGB [Penal Code], serves to incite the masses, that encourages criminal offences or exalts or plays down violence, that are sexually indecent, or are pornographic in the sense of section § 184 of StGB, or that are of a nature that might morally greatly endanger children or adolescents.

15. Advertising and Presentations
(1) Advertising is only allowed within the rented stand areas and only for the products or services manufactured or sold by the exhibitor. The distribution of printed matter, promotional gifts or samples, and the wearing or pushing of advertising media outside the rented stand area are not permissible.
(2) Musical performances and light-show presentations of whatever sort that require the use of loudspeaker equipment, or comparable activities, must have the organizer's written approval. Aisles must not be used as audience areas. Approval given can be limited or revoked during the event to ensure the functioning of the event.
(3) The exhibitor alone is responsible for the content of the advertising.
16. Recordings
(1) Photographing and filming on the event premises and grounds is on principle permitted. The organizer accepts no liability, however, for freedom from the rights of third parties. The products and exhibition stands of other exhibitors may only be photographed or filmed with their approval.
(2) The organizer is entitled to report, in writing and in images, on the exhibitors' participation, exhibition stands and products displayed and to make use of such recordings for advertising the event. The exhibitor consents to this.
17. Force Majeure and Provisos
If, due to force majeure or to other reasons for which it is not answerable, the organizer is compelled to vacate, shorten or extend, postpone or cancel the event, it will inform the exhibitors immediately and will reimburse counter-performance of the exhibitor in cases of vacating, shortening or cancelling the event without delay, where necessary proportionately. The exhibitor's application remains valid if, for a good reason, the trade fair must be postponed or relocated and this, taking the interests of the organizer into account, is not unreasonable for the exhibitors. The change is regarded as approved if the exhibitor does not object to it in writing immediately after the written notification of the organizer. The organizer will draw the attention of the exhibitor to this in its notification. In the case of complete cancellation of the trade fair the foreseen stand rents will be superfluous, and payments already made will be repaid to the exhibitors without delay. Performance already rendered by the organizer must be paid by the exhibitor in full.
18. Liability
(1) The organizer accepts liability for damage for which it is answerable, if it or its agents can be accused of malintent or gross negligence. In cases of slight negligence the organizer accepts liability only in cases of violation of significant contractual obligations (cardinal duties) or in cases of injury to life, limb or health. The level of liability of the organizer, regardless of the legal argument, is limited to the level of the foreseeable, typically resulting damage. The above-mentioned limitations on liability also apply, independent of associated fault, to the liability of the organizer for already existing defects in keeping with section § 536 a, paragraph 1 of BGB [German Civil Code]. The organizer accepts no liability for damage caused by a third party or due to force majeure.
(2) The exhibitor is liable for all personal injury and damage to property culpably caused by it, or its legal representatives or agents. The liability applies in particular to damage of the rooms on the premises, of the trade-fair floor and of the vicinity. All damage caused must be reported to the organizer immediately.
(3) The exhibitor itself is responsible for operating security and for compliance with the work-safety regulations and accident-prevention regulations at its stand. It is liable for all personal injury and damage to property that is caused by the stand construction and the operation of its stand, as well as by the exhibits, devices and facilities placed there, and must bear the costs of all safety precautions and security measures.
19. Stand Assembly/ Dismantling / General Remarks
(1) All materials/fabrics (even those used for decorating purposes) must be at least flame resisting (B1) in keeping with DIN 4102. The exhibitor must provide statutory proof of this.
(2) The pre-stipulated max. load of 500 kg per sq.m permissible for the floors, as well as the height (5 m) and width (3.80 m) of the entrances, must be observed.
(3) The event grounds may only be entered by vehicles with an entrance permit. Delivery vehicles, after quickly unloading, must leave the event grounds again. Suitable parking areas are available (cf. Service Brochure). During the opening times for visitors all traffic on the event grounds is forbidden.
(4) The exhibition area in the ECC has parquet floors. Precautions must be taken to ensure that the floor covering is not damaged. Every tape needs to be completely removable without leaving residue on the parquet flooring.
(5) The organizer is responsible for the general cleaning of the event premises and grounds. The exhibitor itself is responsible for the daily cleaning of the stand.
(6) The general supervision of the event premises and grounds is undertaken by those commissioned by the organizer, without liability for losses or damage to the stand and the products exhibited. For the supervision of the stand and the products, the exhibitor itself is responsible throughout the entire period, including the assembly and dismantling periods and the periods before the commencement and after the ending of the trade fair. The exhibitor has the possibility, at its own cost, of securing its trade-fair stand during the night hours by commissioning a stand guard from the security company responsible for the event. Stand personnel and employees are not permitted to remain at the stand outside the times mentioned in point 4.
(7) The dismantling of stands and the departure transport of product exhibits are not permitted until after the official ending of the event. Exhibition stands and products exhibited that, after the dismantling period, are still on the event premises and grounds, will be removed or disposed of at the cost of the exhibitor.
(8) The exhibitor and its agents must themselves remove building remnants and packaging material from exhibits. If the organizer has provided waste containers, the exhibitor can make use of these, with the prior approval of the organizer. After the assembly and until the end of the dismantling, empties and building materials must be removed. Waste containers can be booked via the organizer (cf. Service Brochure). For use of ECC containers without prior approval a sum of 200 euros plus VAT is charged. The ECC offers the exhibitor waste containers at 90 euros (delivery and departure flat-rate) + 200 euros/day plus VAT waste charge.
(9) It is prohibited to store exhibition material, empties or similar materials outside or behind the exhibition stand. There is only a small amount of storage space available at the ECC which can be rented - contact the organizer for more information.
(10) Manual pallet lifts and transport trolleys need to be equipped with tough plastic wheels (wear-resistant and color neutral) or rubber tires.
20. Compliance with the Stand Construction Regulations
(1) The stand construction must be undertaken such that the building-control, fire-prevention and other public-law safety regulations (TÜV, VDE, DIN, BGV A3, etc.) are observed. All technical and electrical devices used must undergo an appropriate inspection and must bear the CE sign. Security requirements from the building authority are available for stand design.
(2) The authorization procedure can, on principle, only be initiated via the ECC.
(3) Fire alarms, hydrants, fire extinguishers and their signs must not be removed from their locations, or covered or blocked. Emergency exits, escape ways and access ways to the technical areas must not be obstructed, blocked or narrowed by exhibition stands or by exhibits.
(4) Light connection boxes, cable distributing boxes for telephone connections and all further connection options must remain accessible.
(5) The use of fire and light for cooking, heating or operating purposes, the use of immersion heaters and the connection of heating and boiling devices without thermal switch-off protection (dry-out protection) is forbidden.
(6) Activities that are seen as fire-threatening need an official authorization, which must be submitted.
(7) The technical facilities of the ECC may only be operated by ECC personnel. For technical disturbances through no fault of ours, the ECC and the organizer accept no responsibility.
21. Electrical Lighting and Power Connections
Alternating current of 230 V and three-phase alternating current of 400 V are available. The exhibitor is liable for all damage caused by unauthorized use of electricity.
22. Gastronomical Catering
(1) The existing regulations of the public health department and the relevant legal directives must be strictly complied with at all stands at which sampling or catering is provided for visitors – even free of charge. Gastronomical provision is only permissible after consultation and written approval by the organizer.
(2) On principle, food and drinks must not be brought along. Exceptions require the written approval of the organizer.
23. Approval/ Certificates
(1) In cases of reproduction of recorded music at the stand, the application and payment of a fee to GEMA (Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte) [Association for Musical Presentation Rights and Mechanical Duplication Rights] is a matter for the exhibitor.
(2) Generally speaking, all certificates relating to safety regulations on materials and personnel must be shown before the commencement of the event.
24. Final Provisions
(1) All agreements, authorizations and verbal ancillary agreements require the written form, if they are to be effective.
(2) The organizer exercises the householder's rights throughout the area of the event for the period of assembly, of the event and of the dismantling.
(3) The place of performance and the place of jurisdiction for all mutual obligations, including all payment commitments, is Berlin. German law is solely applicable.
(4) Should individual provisions of these event terms and conditions prove to be ineffective or null and void, this will not make the remaining provisions ineffective